Solve your "too many mission" woes with the Frontierville Express patented MISSION IGNORER!

No longer will you be forced into seeing those unwanted icons on the left hand side of your page for missions you want to simply forget!

Now, using our patented Mission Ignorer you can help yourself mentally feel better about YOUR game without any unwanted missions showing up.

"We know the mental trauma of too many missions, the permanent stress caused by unwanted icons clogging the left hand side of the screen.

"This is why I have dedicated minutes of my life to creating this new and innovative feature that will not only change the lives of Frontierville players but make them mentally more secure and less likely to commit GBH when asked to pass the salt."

- Ignorer Designer Dr Andy PhD at UraS

The ignorer has been designed in three monitor friendly colours and at a range of sizes to suit all monitors!

With our unique and innovative FlippyDoor (tm) technology you will get full control over which missions you ignore or have active on your screen at any one time. This ability to take the mission ignoring totally in hand will make our Mission Ignorer the prime piece of mission ignoring kit on the market today.

Never find yourself looking at unwanted mission items again, register your interest TODAY! As an extra bonus you'll recieve FREE OF CHARGE, a pack of our Patented Mission Page Ignorer Doors that use our StickyBacky (tm) technology to hide any unwanted mission icons from your in game mission window!

Don't just believe us on how effective the Mission Ignorer is, listen to our customers!

"I couldn't believe how much it helped me on my homestead, I was this close to giving it all up and becoming a hermit sitting naked in a cave all day with no electronic equipment." - G. Williams

"Thanks to the Frontierville Express Mission Ignorer I feel happier in everything I do, my game is more fun to play, I've stopped beating my children, my sex life has gone through the roof... it's a must buy." A. Root

"The Frontierville Express Mission Ignorer is bigger than Jesus." J. Lennon

"This innovation just might have saved my whole website from collapse." M. Zuckerberg

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The Frontierville Express Mission Ignorer...

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Please allow up to 28 years for delivery.
Frontierville Express is not liable for injuries sustained using the Mission Ignorer.
May contain nuts.
Certified 95% asbestos free.
Guarantee and all rights to refund voided if item is touched by human hands.
May not actually allow you to ignore missions.